Why CFC ?

  • Freedom of purchase from multiple sources
    At CFC, customers have the luxury of acquiring loan agreements from a wide range of locations because of the long standing relationships and arrangements we have with a large number of suppliers and distributors in Kuwait.
  • Easy procedures and quick processing of transactions
    In order to provide our valued customers with the best service, we invested heavily in implementing state of the art technologies and recruiting highly qualified and experienced professionals to service our customer's needs. CFC aims to keep procedures as swift and as simple as possible.
  • Early settlement of agreement
    CFC awards its customers through the unique opportunity of getting a rebate of profits upon early settlement of the finance agreement.
  • Easy transfer of automobiles agreements
    CFC makes it possible for our customers to transfer the finance agreement of a car to another customer as long as the new customer fulfills the finance requirements. The transfer transaction may be processed at any of our located branches.
  • Availability of branches in different areas
    CFC branches are spread all over Kuwait in order to provide our customers with the highest levels of convenience (Kuwait city, Hawalli, Sulaibikhat, Al-Jahra, Al-Fahaheel).
  • Multiple payment methods
    CFC provides a great variety of payment methods through
1) Website   
2) Smartphone Application    
3) Cash or cheque payment in all 5 branches       
4) By issuing a bank payment order       
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