Personal loan

You can request cash loans for up till 25,000KWD or 25 times your basic salary (whichever is less)  To finance your needs of consumer and durable goods, education or medical expenses. You can submit your application through:

1) Website         
2) Smartphone Application          
3) Five branches         


  • Application requirements:
    CFC has placed simple requirements and conditions that must be met for customers wishing to obtain credit facilities. The company has ensured that these conditions are as simple as possible.
  • Below is a list of the initial requirements:
    Civil ID for nationals
    A recent Salary certificate
    Passport for Non-Kuwaitis
    Minimum salary is 300
    The total monthly obligations of the client does not exceed 40% of his net income and 30% in the case of retirees.
    The loan amount shall not exceed 25 times the income or twenty five thousand Kuwaiti Dinars, whichever is less
    Financing period does not exceed 60 months
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