• • Results of the Board Of Directors meeting for the period ending from 30 September 2022

Brief History

Commercial Facilities Company (CFC) was established in 1977 as the first Kuwaiti closed shareholding company specialized in providing installment credit facilities to finance consumer and commercial products. The main services provided by CFC are:

  • Financing new and used cars
  • Financing boats and marine equipment
  • Financing furniture and electrical appliances
  • Financing housing loans
  • Granting personal cash loans
  • Granting Commercial loans

CFC was later listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange in 1982. CFC was also chosen to be one of the first companies in the Kuwaiti government's privatization program. In September 1994, the Kuwait Investment Authority sold 47% of the company's issued shares to the private sector.

During 45 years of operation, the CFC successfully amplified its consumer loans portfolio, achieving a Portfolio of KD 225.5 million, Equivalent to USD$ 745.3 million as of 31st December 2021

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